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About us

Our Band
Our Band

Since 2017 the band RECICL@-G has been undergoing a metamorphosis. Currently RECICL@-G consists of the founder, Yoilan Perez Harriette, who is the author of all the music and lyrics, and assisting musicians who are invited to cooperate with Yoilan on ongoing projects. This up-and-coming band plays fusion music, which makes it an interesting alternative on Polish market. Yoilan Perez Harriette in his music unites musicians representing different music styles and sensitivity, and thus creating a new path for mutual artistic adventure.
RECICL@-G combines all styles from different small bits.
After a few years of playing traditional Cuban music in Poland, Yoilan lacked something that he had been doing with his close friends in Cuba in the aforementioned project. And that made a creative ground to set up a new band and brand new songs in a similar style as the one he had created in Cuba. The band that was founded here in Poland is, therefore, a continuation and extension of the project he had been involved in in Cuba. Hence the name of the band has kept its Cuban name RECICL@-G . The best Latino-American and Polish artists are invited to cooperate with Yoilan. So far the following artists have assisted Yoilan in his projects: Rei Ceballo, Toni Junior B.I.G, Eddy Aguero Krzysztof Więckowski, Sebastian Kuchczyński, Mikołaj Trybulec, Renel Valdes, Roland Grzegorz Abreu Krysztofiak, Carlos Martinez, Eric Folly, Miguel Fonseca, Luis Nubiola, Reinier Calderin.
This multi-cultural mix creates an explosive mixture in RECICL@-G music. You can find here a strong influence of such styles as salsa, son, reggeton, rumba jaki, but also pop, rock, hip hop, rap and alternative music. You don’t need to be a latino music lover in particular in order to embrace this music wholeheartedly and be carried away in dance. Everyone will find something appealing and “tasty” in this innovative and unique project, i.e. RECICL@-G .