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Eddy Aguero Ferrer

fot. Izabela Perez Harriette
fot. Izabela Perez Harriette

Comes from Camagüey, Cuba. Since his childhood he has been fascinated with music, and already at the age of 7 he started his musical education at EVA. Soon still being a child he made his first step on stage in his band “Chicos de Cuba”. It was the time when he gained the first professional cut in music world.
At the age of 15 he began his education at EIA, the school of arts instructors, which he graduated from with MA degree as a music major. For a few years he taught music at school. His professional career commenced with bands playing traditional Cuban music – these were “Pedro Pablo y su banda”, “Klantino”, “Enrique Alvarez y su charanga Latina” and others. He performed in Santiago de Cuba, in many cities of Camagüey state, in Havana, and recently on the stage of “Casa de la Musica.”
At present he lives in Warsaaw and has been actively involved in projects "Recicl@-g en Cuero” conducted by Yoilan Perez Harriette, and “Conoce mi Cuba” by Rei Ceballo.
He explores new artistic possibilities eagerly and with unwavering enthusiasm, being strongly convinced that this is just the beginning of his professional path, and all owing to the fact that music has always been love of his life.