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Reinaldo Antonio Ceballo

fot.Izabela Perez Harriette
fot.Izabela Perez Harriette

The piano and cello player, a composer and music arranger. He comes from Santiago de Cuba. He had piano classes under the supervision of Ruben Gonzalez, and gained practice during jam sessions in Havana. Reinaldo cooperated with a famous band “Sierra Maestra” with which he performed at numerous prestigious festivals in Europe, North and South America. It was Juan de Marcos, the leader of the group, who was the animator of the project “Buena Vista” from the Cuban side. In 1986 Rei moved to Havana where he started cooperation with the best bands and vocalists of the Cuban music scene. Seeking new solutions and sounds he co-founded a band “Azucar Negra”, which consisted of young and talented musicians and which quickly gained a big recognition among audience both on the Island and offshore. In 1996 Reinaldo was invited by the group “Sierra Maestra” to work on music for a film “Salsa” (as a pianist and arranger). He toured with “Azucar Negra” and “Sierra Maestra” around the world, including the US, France, Italy, the UK, Begium and the Netherlands.
Reinaldo Ceballo is a recognised producer and arranger elsewhere, who has participated with such record labels as “Linea 1” (The UK), “Timba Recods” (Panama), “Bismusic EGREM” (Cuba).
At the outset of 2000 Reinaldo came to Poland and already in May he set up a band “Calle Sol”, which immediately took off and whose popularity has not vanished.
He has worked as a session musician with Mietek Szcześniak, Marcin Pospieszalski, Maciek Maleńczuk, Kayah, Robert Chojnacki, “De Mono” and “Maanam”. Rei has taken part in the project “Yogoton” (arrangement and drums) and the project “Blue Café”, as well as in the compilation “Pozytywne Wibracje 6” – as a guest of “Plastic”.
He is leader of the project by Olga Jackowska –“Kora Ola, Ola!”