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Yoilan Perez Harriette

fot. Izabela Perez Harriette
fot. Izabela Perez Harriette


Comes from the oldest town in Cuba – Baracoa, where he grew up, learnt to play the bongo and other Cuban percussion instruments. He graduated from The School of Arts Instructors in Guantanamo receiving the title of arts instructor in music. Back there in Cuba he played with two bands: Septeto Juventud, which made traditional Cuban music in a new arrangement and Recicl@-G, which mixed music from the hot Island with European music.
In 2009 he came to Poland, and since then he has participated in many latin and other music related projects. He has cooperated with such bands as Megiza, Banda Virtual. At present he is a member of the following bands : Son de Cuba, Melao, Rei Ceballo y Calle Sol, Noel y Su Sabor de Cuba and he has also taken part in the project Conoce Mi Cuba. In 2012 he set up his own band, Recicl@-G en Cuero.